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Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes

1. Air Force Senior Airman Jonathan A. V. Yelner Lafayette Afghanistan
2. Army 1Lt. Kenneth Michael Ballard Mountain View Iraq
3. Army Capt John L. Hallett III Concord Afghanistan
4. Army Capt. Mark C. Paine Lafayette Iraq
5. Army Cpl. Christopher D. Rose San Francisco Iraq
6. Army Cpl. Pat Tillman San Jose Afghanistan
7. Army Cpl. Sean K. A. Langevin Walnut Creek Afghanistan
8. Army Cpl. Terry Kawamura Concord Viet Nam
9. Army CWO2 Eric C. Kesterson Santa Clara Iraq
10. Army Maj. Evan J. Mooldyk Danville Afghanistan
11. Army Maj. James Ahearn Concord Iraq
12. Army Nat. Guard Spc. Michael G. Mihalakis San Jose Iraq
13. Army Nat. Guard Ssg. Jose Rangel Saratoga Kuwait
14. Army Pfc. Angelo A. Zawaydeh San Bruno Iraq
15. Army Pfc. Benjamin B. Tollefson Concord Iraq
16. Army Pfc. Benjamin T. Zieske Concord Iraq
17. Army Pfc. Ethan Hockman Livermore
18. Army Pfc. James J. Coon Walnut Creek Iraq
19. Army Pfc. Keith J. Moore San Francisco Iraq
20. Army Pfc. Michael C. Balsley Hayward Iraq
21. Army Pfc. Scott G. Barnett Concord Iraq
22. Army Pfc. Timothy Vimoto San Jose Afghanistan
23. Army Pvt. Nicholas Dodson Martinez Iraq
24. Army Reserve Sgt. Cheyenne C. Willey Fremont Iraq
25. Army Sfc. Merideth L. Howard Alameda Afghanistan
26. Army Sfc. Nicholas Olson San Jose/Novato Iraq
27. Army Sgt. Adam W. Estep Campbell Iraq
28. Army Sgt. Andrews J. Higgins Hayward Iraq
29. Army Sgt. Casey Gazzaway Livermore
30. Army Sgt. Gabriel Guzman Concord Afghanistan
31. Army Sgt. John D. Aragon Antioch Iraq
32. Army Sgt. Mario DeLeon San Francisco Afghanistan
33. Army Sgt. Nathan W. Cox Fremont Afghanistan
34. Army Sgt. Ryan J. Hopkins Livermore Iraq
35. Army Sgt. William M. Sigua Los Altos Iraq
36. Army Spc Jameson Lynn Lindskog Pleasanton Afghanistan

37. Army Spc. Avealalo Milo Hayward Iraq
38. Army Spc. Derek T. Simonetta Redwood City Afghanistan
39. Army Spc. Doonewey White Milpitas Iraq
40. Army Spc. Edwin W. Roodhouse San Jose Iraq
41. Army Spc. Joseph A. Graves Discovery Bay Iraq
42. Army Spc. Joseph C. Norquist Martinez Iraq
43. Army Spc. Kyle SImpson Mt. View
44. Army Spc. Kyle Wieland Mt. View Afghanistan
45. Army Spc. Michael G. Mihalakis San Jose Iraq
46. Army Spc. Michael T. Manibog Alameda Iraq
47. Army Spc. Roberto J. Causor Jr. San Jose Iraq
48. Army SSgt. Daniel R. Scheile Antioch Iraq
49. Army SSgt. David H. Gutierrez San Jose/SF Afghanistan
50. Army SSgt. Eric S. Trueblood Alameda Afghanistan
51. Army SSgt. Mark C. Wells San Jose Iraq
52. Army SSgt. Robert S. Johnson Castro Valley Iraq
53. Army SSgt. Sean D. Diamond Dublin Iraq
54. Marine Cpl. Bumrok Lee Sunnyvale Iraq
55. Marine Cpl. Carlos E. Gil Orozco San Jose Iraq
56. Marine Cpl. Kevin A. Cueto San Jose Afghanistan
57. Marine Cpl. Mick R. Bekowsky Concord Iraq
58. Marine Cpl. Steven Dicochea Newark Iraq
59. Marine GSgt. Joseph Menusa San Jose Iraq
60. Marine LCpl. Aaron Boyles Alameda Iraq
61. Marine LCpl. Andrew S. Dang Foster City Iraq
62. Marine LCpl. Arden J. Buenagua San Jose Afghanistan
63. Marine LCpl. Erick J. Hodges Bay Point Iraq
64. Marine LCpl. Harry Lew Santa Clara Afghanistan
65. Marine LCpl. Kyle D. Crowley San Ramon Iraq
66. Marine LCpl. Travis J. Layfield Fremont Iraq
67. Marine Pvt. Dean Vasquez Danville Viet Nam
68. Marine Sgt. Eamon Turner San Francisco
69. Marine Sgt. Michael E. Tayaotao Sunnyvale Iraq
70. Marine SSgt. Stephen J. Wilson Brentwood Iraq
71. Navy PO2. Matthew G. Axelson Cupertino Afghanistan

Roy Benavidez, MSGT (MOH)

Born: August 5, 1935 – Died: December 3, 1998, El Campo, TX. Unitied States

As the medevac chopper landed the wounded were examined one by one. Staff Sergeant Benavidez could only hear what was going on around him. He had over thirty seven puncture wounds. His intestines were exposed. He could not see as his eyes were caked in blood and unable to open. Neither could he speak, his jaw broken, clubbed by a North Vietnamese rifle. But he knew what was happening, and it was the scariest moment of his life, even more so than the earlier events of the day. He lay in a body bag, bathed in his own blood. Jerry Cottingham, a friend screamed “That’s Benavidez. Get a doc”. When the doctor arrived he placed his hand on Roy’s chest to feel for a heartbeat. He pronounced him dead. The physician shook his head.

MSGT Roy Benavidez
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