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The new Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation Website

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Welcome to the new Website for Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation (CVMF). This new Website will offer the following:

  • The most current technology which will allow easier and more effective modification and addition of enhanced communications with our members and supporters

  • More current news and communications regarding Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation, our events, programs and activities to increase our support for our Veterans and their families

  • New programs and events which will provide revenues, sponsors and donations which will increase our ability and resources to provide greater levels and channels of support for existing and new selected Veteran needs.

CVMF takes great pride in bringing you, via our new Website and Facebook account, two virtual events on Memorial Day honoring those heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the United States of America.

  1. At 9:00 AM on Memorial Day, May 31st at the Campbell Memorial, we will provide a short ceremony highlighting our placement of a Memorial Wreath and the process of remembering your own favorite U. S. military heroes by placing a flower on the wreath.

  2. A community Memorial Day program that will be streamed beginning at 10:30 AM from Los Gatos Memorial Park. This program will include Veterans organizations, the Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation, the American Legion and the Los Gatos Memorial Foundation. Speakers will include Liz Gibbons, Mayor of Campbell and Marico Sayoc, Mayor of Los Gatos. Other speakers will include Gold Star Father, Ken Estep, Larry Maggio, Commander of American Legion Post 99 and VP of of the CVMF; 3 speakers representing the Santa Clara County Supervisors, Mike Wasserman, Susan Ellenberg and our Keynote Speaker, Supervisor and Navy Commander (Ret) Otto Lee. Other participants are named in the Agenda shown below with the link to watch each event.

As Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation is a volunteer organization, please recognize our Board of Directors and Board of Advisors named within the new Website. We could not achieve the accomplishments and success we have enjoyed without the donations, sponsorships, event attendees, partners and other support provided by our ever-loyal followers. The Veterans and their families are grateful for Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation and all our supporters. Please join us in our free Memorial Day events honoring those great patriots who sacrificed their lives to protect the United States of America and our Freedoms.


< Click on the image below to join the event >

May 31, 2021, 09:00am, Campbell Veteran Memorial Wreath Presentation


< Click on the banner below to join the event. >

11:00am Memorial Day Ceremony following a musical interlude at 10:30am


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